Monday, 30 November 2009

Carnaby and Vans

There are quite a few things that allure me onto Carnaby street Beyond Retro, Liberty’s, Pret a mange, and the Vans store now mainly ok it’s for the cute guys but it’s also for the cute shoes and the fact you don’t feel completely none existent, like when you walk into a designer shop. It’s down to earth it’s a little over crowded but it’s really chilled and sells affordable pretty cool stuff. It is very boy orientated and I myself prefer the boys shoes to the girls, I don’t know somehow when they try to make girls shoes they make them for Avril Lavigne, all they need to do is make the boys shoes in girls sizes if I’m honest. The shop is on two floors men’s ground and women’s upstairs. The men’s is like a little hut, wooden with metal features, with a games section in the back where they sell all the ski equipment and mainly shoes at the front, which is the focus point of the store as that’s where Vans started out. In-between are plenty of thick jumpers, hoody’s and chequered shirts in browns and purples rather than last year’s oranges. The staff are really friendly and approachable they ask if your alright and let you get on with it. Prices start at about £15 and whenever I’ve been in they’ve always got some sort of sale going on shoes. The mannequins are odd a bit like the character from that god awful offspring song made in Britain worst ever I don’t know what they were thinking.
God awful mannequin man from the offspring... blargh


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