Thursday, 2 July 2009

late night scanning to lykke li


its late at night and i dont really know what to do with myself so i gave some oldie drawings a bit of a scan..theyre pictures of season 08 autumn winter collections so i guess i shold really get round to doin this seasons..i chose black as the theme last time' into the dark' this time i dunno i like dark tones and wanna do the rock grunge thing..but i may just go for the theme of big coats and draw pretty ladys with little cute heads and feathers in there hair and long curly locks...hmm thoughts a whirling....
Yesterday was slow and consisted of reading a book and an article about tracey anderson a lady who insists that she can make you the size of gimmicks..hhmmm if you follow her routine n buy the dvd released..oohhh really soon. But i also went for a walk with my sister to this place near my home...and it has deer roaming around and well they were beautiful but i also came across these pretty things..apparently ones a jay feather n the polka dot one..i dont have a clue but its cute and if you know what it is let me know.
a feathery time
The feathers reminded me of this awesome section in an old Amelias magazine 08 A/W 2007 ...its like a halloween special 'trick or treat', the stylings by Mhairi Gibb and photos Gemma Booth...the back drop for the images are so 'I live at home with my mum and this is what i wear like everyday' the outfits are awesome and playful..the feather and burglar ones are my favourites and the contrast of setting and garment just works

Feathers... in hair dress vivienne westwood, accessories by pebble
swag bag.... top beyond retro, trousers Tina Kalvis