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Monday, 30 November 2009

Carnaby and Vans

There are quite a few things that allure me onto Carnaby street Beyond Retro, Liberty’s, Pret a mange, and the Vans store now mainly ok it’s for the cute guys but it’s also for the cute shoes and the fact you don’t feel completely none existent, like when you walk into a designer shop. It’s down to earth it’s a little over crowded but it’s really chilled and sells affordable pretty cool stuff. It is very boy orientated and I myself prefer the boys shoes to the girls, I don’t know somehow when they try to make girls shoes they make them for Avril Lavigne, all they need to do is make the boys shoes in girls sizes if I’m honest. The shop is on two floors men’s ground and women’s upstairs. The men’s is like a little hut, wooden with metal features, with a games section in the back where they sell all the ski equipment and mainly shoes at the front, which is the focus point of the store as that’s where Vans started out. In-between are plenty of thick jumpers, hoody’s and chequered shirts in browns and purples rather than last year’s oranges. The staff are really friendly and approachable they ask if your alright and let you get on with it. Prices start at about £15 and whenever I’ve been in they’ve always got some sort of sale going on shoes. The mannequins are odd a bit like the character from that god awful offspring song made in Britain worst ever I don’t know what they were thinking.
God awful mannequin man from the offspring... blargh


Sunday, 29 November 2009

lush vans

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

I’ve lived in London for about a year and a half now and until today I had been down Bond Street once. When you hear about it you imagine it to be a different world, a better more wondrous place where the footpaths are made of coble stone and the roads are dead or closed of at least, because it is the pinnacle of indulgent spending people travel across country to come to this very street. But the reality is a letdown loads of vans loads of taxi’s lots of business men and for some reason lots of rich German people in eccentric hats. Though Coming here at Christmas time was the best idea to date, all the window displays are lush, Miu Miu has a mannequin covered head to toe in large diamond gold sequins, Tiffany’s jewels are inset into carved white paper fairytale scenes and Nicole Farhi has 4ft tool snowballs in the window, the size of the window may be small but they make the most of it. Me and knitwear are having a love affair and the one place before even thinking Bond street, but just in general was Pringle and there it was in all its Bond street glory on a corner facing Fenwicks. Pringle of Scotland has one of the larger window displays on bond street the privilege of being on a corner I presume. One wall has a grey and white geometric print on it with the current autumn winter show playing on an embedded television and the other side, outfits suitable for evening wear are displayed, a short black knitted dress and a girl flying towards the window with a cardigan covered in orange and brown feathers, gorgeous. You enter and a smartly but ever so friendly guard sheepishly says hello and then even in my parka I felt half decent to walk in, I was in fact the only customer in the shop and so all eyes were on me, I did have rather large pockets maybe they thought I would steal something, wouldn’t surprise me, anyway the shop was more like a boutique it was lush, the floor is a dusty white and all the tables are made of glass, walls are finished with black wooden shelves. Everything is spacious and music is modern & chilled. Clothes were mainly hung on rails, sectioned off into looks and only one item of each garment was hung. This gives it an air of limitedness and also means to try your size you would have to talk to the sales assistant I went upstairs, great winding ones. There is no real separation of day and nightwear it comes across as if these outfits were for any occasion, the menswear was at the back and made up of a much smaller section. The layout was the same upstairs minimal and rectangular, a little less luxurious garments were on show but still as highly priced then at the back is a large till which behind it has shelves neatly folded Pringle jumpers in loads of different colours are placed. Prices range from £600 to well I don’t know a lot. The sales assistance said hello but were slightly moody , such a shame when I was enjoying looking at all these clothes up close rather than on style.com. I love Pringle though the garments definitely sell themselves. The jist of shoppers around Bond street are either young arty types 1930’s style circle glasses and rolled up trousers or fussy old ladies with real fur neck scarves and a broche most probably of something furry also maybe a claw of some kind, you can imagine.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

More Pringle Loving

these images clarify i must go to Bond street and must go in Pringle of Scotland ASAP

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pringle is Sexy

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oxford street...shop report times

I chose to begin my shop report on Oxford street, pretty much everyone’s heard of it, and it’s like the shopping epicentre of London everything seems to come off of it . Leicester square, Soho, Saville row, Bond and Carnaby street and well there are just a ridiculous amount of shops to chose from round there, some good Topshop, American apparel and urban outfitters and some not so good..Bik Bok and ones without names that sell tourist crap and cowboy hats that I’m still uncertain to how they manage to pay for rental on possibly the most expensive street around .I came out of the Underground bustle via floating, the Christmas shopping is upon us as are some very pitiful Christmas lights. I was so kindly carried out by a heard of young women and found my feet at the newly sorted traffic light system facing Nike town, the streets were mental and to be honest I was rethinking my shop report tactics, would I have been better to come first thing like really really early the answer yes!. I’m getting the sweats from just thinking about it. So I moseyed up Oxford Street passing Topshop which was followed by me walking back on myself and actually going into Topshop. There Christmas stock is to die for all sparkly and lacy with huge beautiful black knits. I only bought some sparkly tights ...note to self don’t go in again before Christmas or I will leave with EVERYTHING. So down Oxford street I go passing Urban outfitters, American Apparel, La Senza, Uniqlo, GAP, Zara, H and M those kind of things and though I love most they’re real commercial and well I’ve been there done that I want to explore shops I wouldn’t normally. I get home and realise that all I’ve learnt and reported on is what I know I’m not going to do and that’s Oxford Street it’s too mental for me to handle at Christmas. I have a little google map time and come to the conclusion that Oxford Street is the epicentre but my shop report will take place in Carnaby and Bond street....NEXT TRIP BOND STREET.

Monday, 17 August 2009

holey times

I've been on the look out since early summer when my friend poppy got a gorgeous knitted top, orange and creams and well just awesome really, but i wanted one completely not like hers cus well we hang out all the time and i would look terrible in orange. and then i came across this beauty from topshop, now i know i wont look as stunning as this lady in it but i do love it and it come in cream and black too.. i may not be able to afford mark fast, but can i afford £70 topshop for a jumper that some would say holey.

Mark Fast.autumn winter 09.www.style.com
"Thunderstorms. That moment of fear and negativity, mixed with something that also feels beautiful."

mark fast style.com

mark fast style.com

mark fast style.com

i think true love comes in the form of black tight knitted dresses and slicked back hair

Friday, 14 August 2009

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im back, i had barely begun and i had given up, but this time im out of the sulk and out of the rain and truely excited about moving back to london....just a few weeks to go in the mean time the plan is to get blogging, go see chuck ragan (way excited) and find the perfect charity shop curtains for my new place which i'll be sharing with cat and pop whom i know have big plans for our everso cute home to be. In the last month ive been to london and back,visited my friend sarah who is like a beautiful punk, the dr martens and the denim but none of the piercings, been to 'Pure' womenswear which is this event full of small clothes brands which sell to stores, interesting but more for shop owners and sadly the fashion wasnt too desirable.Seen Coco avant Chanel...audrey tautou the only women who could ever play her is incredible and intoxicating.I've started having odd dreams again, so wake up at like 7, absolutely shattered and completely bored so back to visiting peoples blogs which i love but normally save for night times . on madamoiselle robots blog i came across this.......possibly the best find of the week by far...at first there was poladroid.com... but this is unreal i love it. I have forever been in search of those old fashioned photobooths the ones that take 4 individual images and well now heres one and you dont even have to leave the room....



that is the smile of one very excited blogger.
and then yesterday i was on style.com and cam across this lollapalooza thingy ma bob , anyway the photos i picked have come from there n theyre my four favourite, i guess the 3 girl pics i'd like an element of each of them in me, like those round space ages glasses and the little pixie heeled lace up boots, i think im deffinately going black and lacey this season not witchy, but lots of leg and awesome tights like the polka gerbe ones which are everywhere.

This sassy lady is wearing a christian dior dress (if only) and charlotte ronson shoes (actually the sexyest things ever)

theres something very beautiful and very natasha khan (bat for lashes) about feathers in your hair and sparkly eyeshadow . Its no where near the eye,but i think the further away the better. if youve seen that Barry M advert it may put u off sparkly bright colours for life, but done in the right way Barry m is amazing me and my friends spent all of being 18 in barry m, those little pots of glitter best thing that could happen, just dont wear it like the girl in the add, awful just awful

the black top, skirt and boots are all all vintage. all these people are from america and i cant help but be totally jealous of their vintage finds, i mean england is fab at vintage so fab infact that theyve raised the prices and all the good things are going fast where as america still has its $7 ways and thrift stores, dammit. This girls boots are incredible i mean not as incredible as the burberry lace up heels but frickin close, and i bet they were about £450 quid either. gorgeous shoes just make my heart melt
she also has legs that i wish to borrow or i dunno rent out cus seriously, how do you get ones like that.

so with that here they are from style.com the most heavenly shoes ever


i have this vision of going on a hike in them in the peaks, getting mud, sheep poo and some grass stuck in them whilst wearing a long trailing lacey white dress with layers and it just being mouldy with dirt at the bottom and getting in the house and sitting on my bed on a white duvet and thinking I DONT CARE I REALLY DONT CARE because these are the best shoes that could possibly ever happen to me and then in a cinderella meets horrid henry kind of way fall asleep and well never take them off ever, cus why would i when theyre just so comfy

Thursday, 2 July 2009

late night scanning to lykke li


its late at night and i dont really know what to do with myself so i gave some oldie drawings a bit of a scan..theyre pictures of season 08 autumn winter collections so i guess i shold really get round to doin this seasons..i chose black as the theme last time' into the dark' this time i dunno i like dark tones and wanna do the rock grunge thing..but i may just go for the theme of big coats and draw pretty ladys with little cute heads and feathers in there hair and long curly locks...hmm thoughts a whirling....
Yesterday was slow and consisted of reading a book and an article about tracey anderson a lady who insists that she can make you the size of madonna..no gimmicks..hhmmm if you follow her routine n buy the dvd released..oohhh really soon. But i also went for a walk with my sister to this place near my home...and it has deer roaming around and well they were beautiful but i also came across these pretty things..apparently ones a jay feather n the polka dot one..i dont have a clue but its cute and if you know what it is let me know.
a feathery time
The feathers reminded me of this awesome section in an old Amelias magazine 08 A/W 2007 ...its like a halloween special 'trick or treat', the stylings by Mhairi Gibb and photos Gemma Booth...the back drop for the images are so 'I live at home with my mum and this is what i wear like everyday' the outfits are awesome and playful..the feather and burglar ones are my favourites and the contrast of setting and garment just works

Feathers... in hair dress vivienne westwood, accessories by pebble
swag bag.... top beyond retro, trousers Tina Kalvis

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

so its been possibly the sweatiest day ever in sheffield, im back home and wish i was in that picture. The sea would be so good right now and probably pretty warm too
Its a picture of treen actually just above a nudest beach, but that thankfully i will save you from, but what i will say is some old people can look surprisingly good. Im thinking its from swimming in gorgeous sea like that.
So instead of the sea ive been sat at my wooden table, blogging and general noseying and drawing things aswell as finding the most adorable animal pictures...oh and going on farmtown on facebook a habit i need to calm down on

Inspiration of the cutest kind so i went google crazy on teeny animals and came across these


A little drawing i did of my friend poppy with a little cute mouse and wolfy